Thursday, March 7, 2019

Recent Work

Have a look at some of the recent work French 7 students have created!

Images illustrating likes and dislikes:

Mini bandes dessinées, or comic strips, about making, accepting, and turning down invitations:

Mardi Gras !

Here's how we celebrated Mardi Gras and Carnaval in French class!


Cream puffs!



Students with the food they brought it.

Showing off their beautiful masks!

I love the details on this mask!

Enjoying a yummy beignet.

More students posing with their dishes.


Another unique mask!

Galette des rois, or King Cake

More quiche!

Love the mask!

More jambalaya!

Lots of hot dishes in this class!

Love the veil!

More beignets!


So many masks!

Another variation on the Galette des rois.

Yummy crème brûlée

Dancing to the music!

Enjoying the festivities!