Thursday, April 21, 2016

La musique des Caraïbes

NOTE:  This post contains YouTube videos. I have approved these videos for the blog, but if you choose to click out and leave the blog, you will be viewing content that I have not pre-approved.

If you are going to be absent on Friday, April 22, please watch the video below and listen to the playlist to learn more about music of the Caribbean.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Les jeux préférés de Mlle Decker

Below is a list of games and activities to help you improve your French.  We have played some of them in class this year.  Next to them I have noted which areas they are helpful in.

Please note, a TinyTap account is required to play TinyTap games.
TinyTap -Les verbes - Listening, reading, vocabulary
TinyTap - Les phrases, Les questions - Listening, reading, vocabulary, pronunciation
TinyTap - Les informations personnelles - Listening, reading, vocabulary
TinyTap - La nourriture et les boissons - Listening, reading, vocabulary
TinyTap - Quel temps fait-il ? - Listening, reading, vocabulary
TinyTap - Les couleurs - Reading, pronunciation, vocabulary
Tiny Tap - La famille - Listening, vocabulary
TinyTap - Le matériel scolaire - Listening, vocabulary
TinyTap - Ours brun - Pronunciation, vocabulary
TinyTap - Les parties du corps - Listening, vocabulary, pronunciation
TinyTap - Dans la cuisine de Maman - Vocabulary, pronunciation

Languages Online - Fais le numéro ! - Vocabulary, pronunciation
Languages Online - Les membres de la famille - Writing, listening, vocabulary, pronunciation
Languages Online - Comment sont tes cheveux ? - Vocabulary, pronunciation
Languages Online - Complète la phrase - Vocabulary
Languages Online - Trouve l'heure - Reading, vocabulary
Languages Online - Trouvez le numéro - Vocabulary
Languages Online - Les dates - Reading, vocabulary
Languages Online - La météo en France - Pronunciation, vocabulary, writing

EdPuzzle - J'aime, Je n'aime pas - Listening, reading
EdPuzzle - L'école - Listening, reading
EdPuzzle - Bien manger - Listening, reading
EdPuzzle - Les matières scolaires - Listening, reading

Kahoot Games - Requires one larger device to be the main screen , as well as a device for each player (play with a friend or family member who knows French)
Les adjectifs - Reading, vocabulary
Les pronoms - Reading, vocabulary
Leçon 1 - Reading, vocabulary
La famille - Reading, vocabulary
Les verbes - Vocabulary
Les verbes en ER - Reading
Les verbes en ER 2 - Reading
Le verbe être - Reading
Quelle heure est-il ? - Reading, Vocabulary

Don't forget DuoLingo for writing and vocabulary!