Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Latest Goings On in French Class

We've been very busy in French class lately! Here are some photos of our recent goings on:

Students received their third pen pal from France and wrote a response.  Some students received small gifts with their letters, such as the bracelet pictured above.

We've been doing all sorts of activities on the iPads.  Here, students are practicing their adverbs.

French Club has been visiting second and third grade classrooms at Lake Avenue Elementary School to teach French lessons.  The French Club students did a fantastic job, and the younger students enjoyed learning from them.  Thank you for all your hard work!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Les chansons populaires en France

NOTE: This post contains a YouTube playlist. I have approved the videos in the playlist for the blog, but if you choose to click out and leave the blog, you will be viewing content that I have not pre-approved.


With your group, watch the first minute (no more, please!) of each French song.  After a minute has gone by, pause the video and discuss your opinions (in French) on the music using the vocabulary you just learned.  Then skip ahead to the next video until you have watched and discussed them all.

After you have finished watching and discussing, leave one comment on the wall with an opinion about one of the singers.


Leslie et Ivyrise - Je te donne (I Give to You)
ZAZ - Paris sera toujours Paris (Paris Will Always Be Paris)
Olympe et Joyce Jonathan - Ce rêve bleu (This Blue Dream - French version of "A Whole New World")
TAL - Marcher au soleil (To Walk Under the Sun)
Anaïs Delva - Libérée délivrée (Free, Released - French version of "Let it Go")
Amel Bent - Ma chance (My Chance)

Friday, May 8, 2015

Alex Torres and His Latin Orchestra

On Tuesday, May 5th, students were treated to a performance by Alex Torres and his Latin Orchestra.  Although their music was in Spanish, French and Spanish live side by side in the Caribbean, so many of their songs and instruments were relevant to Francophone culture.

Move and Match

We will use the following files in class Friday in the "M & M Lite" app on the iPads:

Les adverbes
Les adverbes 1
Les adverbes 2